let your light shine bright! 


The time has come for us to stop living life from a broken, in need of fixing, we'll only love ourselves conditionally perspective, AND to also stop teaching it.

What we, as women, truly are, is not only beautiful, inside & out, but instruments of The Divine, put on earth for the definite and glorious purpose of expressing the evolutionary urges of our soul. Each of us is a unique expressions of divinity, ALREADY worthy of all things good, already worthy of love.

It's time to starting living from that place within us, that place where we are truly already whole, with nothing broken, nothing missing. I'm here to help you in awakening beyond what challenges you in accepting this, so that personal happiness, and self love, can be your new and improved foundation for life!

Yes, it's time to let our lights shine bright!

Syltoya S. Sterling

Transformational Coach, Writer, Speaker, Woman

I support women looking to expand and transform their life experience, by working with them in making adjustments to move beyond feelings of fear and limitation, strengthen self-care & bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be! 

Let Your Light  Shine Bright!

Aware that you need to change something, but not quite sure what or how?

Have you noticed that life doesn't pause to give us time to be unhappy and unfulfilled while just hoping for the best? If you aren't sure as to what's holding you back, or are and just can't work through it alone, let me help you learn how to create better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of you attaining your divine greatness.

My ideal female clients typically:​

  • Have high integrity
  • Are committed to do what it takes to achieve their coaching goals
  • Take ownership for the coaching process and current life and circumstances
  • Enjoy the process of growth and development
  • Know that true success is an inside-out job, and recognize that they will need to change to get better results

If this describes you, and you are ready and willing to do the inner work necessary, I know I can make a huge difference in helping you to create the very life you want to live. I'm offering a free coaching consultation to talk about what you hope to get out of coaching and how we can work together to get you there.

One On One Coaching

My One On One Coaching allows you to express all of your wants and needs, and aids you in unlocking your inner confidence and self esteem to achieve life change, growth,  healing, and clarity. Together, we will make definable and reachable goals that will surely be able to help you achieve improved relationships, career development and full self-expression.

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"In stillness and tranquility, you can hear the heartbeat of The Universe!" Let’s sit down together and hear what it is trying to tell us! 

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Women's Circles

Circles provide us a spiritual connection with all involved—an expansive, creative, and open-minded experience grounded in tradition. Going deep with women is truly vital in today's age of overstuffed schedules and surface-level social media friendships. If you're interested in knowing people, not their curated online personas, circles create magic.

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Sliding Scale

Reduced fee services are available on a limited basis for financial hardship. Please don't let money be the reason you don't seek services. Please contact me to discuss your situation individually.


Cash and all major credit/debit cards accepted for payment. Payment is expected at time services are rendered.